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Medical Eye Care

Dr. Perry, Dr. Andreasen and Dr. Kenyon are trained and licensed to treat eye injuries and diseases.  Below are a few of the conditions we treat on a daily basis. 

Topical and oral medications are prescribed when needed. 

Treatments for medical conditions are usually covered by medical insurance rather than vision insurance.  We are likely providers for both types of insurance.

Allergies:  Ocular allergies, common in Oregon, are usually seasonal.  Medications are helping us gain the upper hand on the itching, watering and redness due to seasonal allergies. (see Medical Eye Care Links for more information on allergy medications)

Corneal abrasions and foreign body removal:  Whether at home or on the job, corneal injuries need to be treated quickly to limit damage, prevent infection and speed recovery.

Dry eye:  Dry eye syndrome affects millions of Americans.  It is most prevalent in post-menopausal women but can cause discomfort for all ages and is certainly not limited to females. Extensive computer use has created a large group of people who suffer from dry eye.  Therapy for dry eye syndrome includes simple eye lid hygiene, tear supplementation, topical and oral medications, oral nutritional supplements, bandage contact lenses, and punctal occlusion where the “tear drain” of the eye is closed.  (see Medical Eye Care Links for more information on dry eye)

Glaucoma:  Glaucoma is characterized by excessive fluid pressure within the eyeball. It can’t be cured but can be controlled, usually with drops in the eye(s) once or twice a day.  Once the pressure has stabilized, we carefully monitor control of the disease with regular visits as needed.  (see Medical Eye Care Links for more information on glaucoma)

Over the past decade we've seen dramatic changes in the technology used to detect and monitor glaucoma.  Hillsboro Vision Clinic has two instruments that help us detect glaucoma earlier than ever before. 

  • The Humphrey Matrix Visual Field Analyzer is user friendly and extremely sensitive to retinal sensitivity loss indicating glaucomatous changes. 
  • The Cirrus HD-OCT instrument from Carl Zeiss Meditec allows us to measure ocular structures down to the micron level.  In glaucoma we can image the nerve head shape and the thickness of the nerve fiber layer.  These measurements will help us diagnosis glaucoma and more importantly, help us monitor treatment outcomes. (see Medical Eye Care Links for more information on glaucoma)

Macular degeneration:  Macular degeneration causes damage to the "high definition" portion of the retina, called the macula, and is the leading cause of blindness for people 55 and over. Our goal is to detect macular degeneration early and monitor it regularly.  Digital retinal photography allows us to document this condition. In early to moderate phases of the disease treatment consists of ultraviolet protection and nutritional supplementation.  If the disease appears to be advancing to the "wet" form a referral to a retinal surgeon is appropriate.  (see Medical Eye Care Links for more information on macular degeneration)

Diabetic eye disease:  Diabetic patients should have yearly vision examinations due to their greater risk of glaucoma, cataracts, and retinal vascular problems.  In most cases treatment is not necessary but an early referral to a retinal specialist is important in those cases where significant retinal damage is imminent.  Unfortunately serious damage can take place before the patient is aware of a problem with their vision.  The retina is the only place in the body where the vascular system can easily be seen.  If diabetic vascular changes are going on in the eye, we know they are happening throughout the body.  After each diabetic examination we send a report to the physician handling the patient’s diabetic care.  (see Medical Eye Care Links for more information on diabetic eye disease)

Eye Surgery  

As a full scope optometric practice, we co-manage both LASIK and cataract surgery with local surgeons.  (see Medical Eye Care Links for more information on eye surgery)

LASIK:  We believe patient education and a rigorous patient screening process are key elements in successful refractive surgery and satisfied patients.  After a thorough evaluation we can help you determine if your expectations are realistic and if LASIK is the best option.  If it is, we will direct you to one of the top surgeons in the Northwest.  Dr. Perry and Dr. Andreasen have both undergone LASIK. 

Cataract surgery:  Cataracts, common in people over 60, usually progress slowly but eventually interfere with near and distance vision.  We monitor cataracts on a yearly basis until they have a negative effect on our patient's quality of life.  At that point, we refer the patient to a local surgeon.  After surgery, we will co-manage the patient by providing post surgery follow-up care. 

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